cafe drawings

i love rubyetc everyday a little bit more


cafe drawings

i love rubyetc everyday a little bit more

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False rape accusations are an anomaly.

True rape accusations are a norm.

You’re, quite literally, more likely to be killed by a comet than falsely accused of rape.

Re-blog now, read later.

"Because 1 in 33 men will be raped in his lifetime, men are 82,000x more likely to be raped than falsely accused of rape. It seems many of us would do well to pay more attention to how rape culture affects us all than be paranoid about false accusers.”

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Yeah, well, and “magic” too, magic.


Yeah, well, and “magic” too, magic.

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forest witch - lazy purple

sea goddess - happy alien!

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I have a new shoot out in the Autumn 2014 issue of Crash Magazine. Styling by Linda Portman. Model is Brogan Loftus at Women Paris. Make up by Jessica Mejia at Era Management.

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sketchbook part 6

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I have never hit reblog so fast in my LIFE.

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McQueen Fall 2014 is everything.


McQueen Fall 2014 is everything.

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you picked away at the flower 
that is my love. 
my deep rooted rose. 
petal by petal. 
"he loves me?" 
he loves me not. 
petal by petal 
pieces of me. 
stolen , fallen , lost.
petal by petal…

- simone turner

simone and mackenzie, los angeles

sept 2014

shot by hobbes ginsberg

here is some important art

simone came to me after she was able to get away from her abusive boyfriend of ~2 years asking me to capture her bruises and scars and wanting to feel pretty

we made these photos together and she is beautiful and powerful

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if u are a cis girl, here are some things not to say to trans girls or transfeminine ppl 

  • you do makeup better than I do!
  • you have better legs than I do!
  • you’re prettier than I am! 
  • etc

these compliments are just a way the disguise your shock at the femininity of “fake” women, compared to you, a “real” woman. stop. 

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092814 (by Tricia Gosingtian)


092814 (by Tricia Gosingtian)

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